Who Is This Guy?

There is so much that makes each of us up, but we only get to see glimpses. I love my family, being an entrepreneur, playing hockey as an old man, building things and much more...

I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA.

I earned my second-degree black belt in karate at age 13.

I've been a swim team and hockey team coach.

My superpower is Combinatory Play.

One of my first jobs in high school taught me to build computers from scratch and setup networks.

My dad was an entrepreneur too.

I have two daughters that are the loves of my life.

Andy Halko Insivia

Combinatory Play

The process of taking unrelated things and putting them together to generate new and unique ideas.


Einstein coined “combinatory play" for his process to break outside of thinking norms to creatively solve problems.

My superpower is a mind that acts like a constant slot machine that aligns the seemingly random jumble of knowledge and passions across a wide range of interests into a suddenly miraculous combination.


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