Engaging & Informative Vistage Sessions

Smart topics and workshops for executive coaching and training groups.

As a CEO, I know what executives want to hear. I've spoken at over 114 events and while I can speak on a wide range of topics, there are 4 main talks I give:

The Impact of Futurist Trends On Business.

Technologies in the next 30 years and their impact on business.

From autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence to big data and bio technology, anyone in business should be aware of the drastic economic and societal changes coming in the next 5, 10 and 25 years. We aren't talking about science fiction, but technologies currently on the rise that will change the way every single one of us works.
Have your audience to understand what is coming and how it will impact your organization to begin future proofing your business.

The Vision Gap

How to define, articulate and communicate culture, brand and strategy for scalable growth.

Leaders have great vision, but great leaders have to articulate and communicate that vision to their team, customers, stakeholders and the world. Bridging the vision gap leads to a more engaged team, reduction in internal challenges, a clear marketing message and an overall high-performance culture and brand.

In ‘The Vision Gap’ presentation, Andy Halko talks about the challenges organizations commonly face, what a vivid vision is, how it can impact your organization and how you can begin to communicate your vision.

Strategy Versus Planning

Understand the difference between a marketing strategy & plan as well as how to create each.

A Marketing Strategy is not the same as a marketing plan. In this workshop we'll dive into how to create a powerful marketing and brand strategy and then how expand that into a tactical marketing plan. We'll explore how culture and brand drive smarter marketing and then dig down deep into micro-funnels, the revenue roadmap and measuring for success.

Analytics + Conversion

Understand marketing metrics and how to impact results through optimization.

Analytics and conversion is a top priority for organizations, but one that is often ignored or misinterpreted. Knowing what tactics are working, how people are using your site, tracking goals and more is imperative.

Often, Analytics is challenging with an overwhelming amount of data, new features and no clear way to understand what the information indicates. Our goal for the event is to provide a foundational level to understand Analytics and see tactics for interpretation.

Custom Workshops & Seminars

Want a session with your team or group that fits exactly your needs?

A unique package, I will hold pre-interviews to understand your challenges and opportunities to customize a session just for your team. Topics across marketing, technology and entrepreneurship, I can bring great information and engagement to your group.

Vistage Booking & Fees

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Team training, corporate retreats, conferences and industry groups. Fees range based on the location, length and topic starting at $2,500.