Consulting Services

An Experienced, Tell It Like It Is, Leader for Hire

A wide range of experience to provide insight for your biggest challenges.

Innovation / Change Management Consulting

From product development to blue ocean strategy.

I am passionate about technology, software and futurist topics. Einstein called it combinatory play when he was able to open his mind and connect dots between things that others couldn't. Creativity, logic, knowledge of mental models, strategic methodologies, marketing, sales & futurist insight provide a unique angle to analyze your business.

I've worked with organizations facing massive industry shifts helping them to strategize and realign their business.


Strategic guidance bridging technology, marketing and sales.

I've worked with hundreds of companies on their marketing strategy and implementation. From brand positioning, branding, digital solutions and marketing, I can provide the insight to help you navigate theĀ challenges of lead generation inĀ a competitive environment. Combined with my technology knowledge and entrepreneurship experience, I bring a perspective you cannot easily find.

Let Me help You

I am not a coach, I dive in and solve real problems.