Companies I've Built

Well, and still building.

I started my first one 15 years ago and we are thriving today.


Strategic Marketing for companies that create, implement or sell software and SAAS products.

Founded in 2002, Insivia started out as a digital agency delivering amazing websites and online solutions. Today, the firm has 20 people and provides end-to-end solutions for software and technology companies. Strategy and brand, web and digital business, and marketing services we help high-growth tech companies scale fast.


Software to help marketers better understand their audiences.

PersonaBold is an online software (SAAS) that allows you to create detailed online Personas and utilize them in your everyday workflow. Share with others and get feedback, export to print, see past revisions, compare and even survey your target audience.

The perfect tool for small marketing teams and agencies.


Helping small marketing teams organize and plan their marketing strategy across channels.

Built out of a need, PlanBold was utilized to help organize hundreds of marketing initiatives across multiple campaigns and many channels. A calendar built specifically for marketing, it helps clarify and organize your plan.

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